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In Sports, a successful team must have at least one star - a player whom everyone knows can get the job done. The same is true in Business.

Our people are ALL superstars.

Starting with Greg Morancey, Monsters president and founder (a former international soccer phenom with Royal Sporting Charleroi, in Belgium, Europe), every member of our team possesses two key attributes: a history of winning and a winning attitude.

The Monsters process is to bring these winning talents together. Our superstars transverse Website Development and Website Hosting, Webisodes, Business Strategy, Information Technology, Marketing (traditional and web-based), Digital Media & Film, Linguistics and Graphic Design; Search Engine Optimization and each player is driven toward the common goal of providing our clients with the best possible solutions.

Through our combined years of experience, Monsters has developed our own unique process in addressing our clients' business needs.

1. Define the Project
2. Develop Site Structure
3. Design Technical & Visual Interface
4. Build and Integrate
5. Launch and Beyond

The focus of the Monsters Process involves the actual workflow of the design and development of the site, which is both detailed and methodical. Each phase builds on the previous one in order to advance the overall design and function of the Web site.

The first phase of the Monsters Process, Define the Project, involves asking questions and analyzing the data. This lays the groundwork for the rest of the process. The overall goals of the site and the actual budget are determined in this step. This phase is sub-divided into three sections: discovery, planning, and clarification.

The next phase, Develop Site Structure, focuses on content and navigation. Here the structure of the Web site is addressed. This phase is broken down into four views: content, site, page, and user. Content, being one of the most important aspects of a Web site, is placed high on the list of priorities here.

The third phase of the Monsters Process is Design Visual Interface and Technical steps. The three sections here are: creating, confirming, and handing off. This is where the creative process starts. Once the site goals are reviewed, the actual design and development of the site begins. The focus here is on the technical aspect and the visual development, with testing of the functionality of certain facets of the site. e.g. forms, shopping carts, menus, etc.

Phase four, Build and Integrate, is where the actual building of the Web site begins. It's divided into three sections: plan, build and integrate, and test. The actual coding & programming VB, ASP, VBScirpt, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is done in this step; HTML templates are created for use throughout the site and content is added. Quality assurance and testing is heavily stressed.

The fifth and final phase, Launch and Beyond, involves the actual launching of the site. This stage is divided into three sections: delivery, launch, and maintenance. This includes the creation of a handoff package, site documentation, and development of a monthly site maintenance plan.

Posted Friday, September 9, 2011

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