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Interactive Website Design Service Rates.

The cost of a newly designed web site is determined by a variety of considerations, and will necessarily vary since every business or organization has different requirements. Monsters Studios is flexible and able to work with you and your company to find the best solution to fit your budget.

To fulfill the needs of most small businesses, organizations, and government agencies, we are finding the cost of a multi-page starter web site is generally averaging between $3000 to $5000. Our pricing structure provides the flexibility for you to have a considerably more complex site than this, or to have a simpler site if that is what your business requires.

Contact Monsters and get started today


The following prices are for the business manager who wants to know in advance the general costs associated with a professional web site. Monsters encourages you to simply contact us with your ideas; we'll work with you to create a web site tailored to meet your specific needs and budget. Also, we can make complete arrangements for registering your own domain name and for setting up an ISP account to host your web site..

[For hard copy viewing, you can quickly print out these prices on a plain white background]

Introductory Web Page w/ contact form: $550

    Uploaded to Monsters servers:

  • One web page with up to 200 words of informative text
  • 1 E-mail response Contact form & reply page (name, address, phone #, fax #, e-mail, message)
  • Logo scan and two scanned photos, un-enhanced, converted to web format (total: 3 images)
  • Color background
  • Submittal to the top search engines.

    Also available:

  • Additional site maintenance.
  • Custom Domain Name (;
  • Hosting is available at Monsters starting at $10 a month, if you do not yet want your own server and domain name.

Most businesses and organizations require more than a single web page... the following prices will provide a guide as you develop your web site budget:

Additional Pages:

  • $400 / page: 200 words of text and one un-enhanced image, converted to web format
  • $425 / page: 250 words of text and two un-enhanced images, converted to web format
  • $450 / page: 300 words of text and three un-enhanced images, converted to web format

Additional Photos or Images:

  • $30 minimum for each scan from your hard copy source material; converted to web format
  • $30 minimum for source material supplied digitally; converted to web format
  • $60 each: 6" tall or wide enlarged image on its OWN page...linked to smaller version of same image (to allow greater detail in viewing)


  • $75 per hour for custom graphics such as logos, mastheads, special font headings, backgrounds, image maps, rollovers, enhancements (including resizing, retouching, color enhancement) and special text effects.

Animation / Sound Clips:

  • $75 each: Stock animation
  • $30 per frame: Custom designed animation
  • $75 for sound clip approximately 40 seconds long / sourced from CD or audio cassette

Interactive Forms / Guest books:

  • $75 each: Stock forms
  • $75 and up: Custom forms (price depends on complexity)

Web Site Text Updates:

  • $75 per hour, minimum of one hour billing time

Web Site Language Translation Services:

  • Priced per project, based on content, complexity, type of set up.
  • Contact us for major translation estimates.
  • Translation will typically cost between $200.00-$400.00 per page.
    This is based on average page of some 300 words.

Makeovers, Maintenance Updates and Revisions:

  • Web Site maintenance, as needed: $75 per hour, minimum of one-half hour billing time
  • Contact us for major makeover estimates ... depends on volume of text and graphical content involved.

Evaluations of Existing Sites:

  • analysis of your site, with written report;
  • We'll check out its Mark up languages coding, layout, download time, graphics, and attractiveness to search engines; as well as the strength of your 'call to action'
  • You select how many of the pages on your web site you want professionally evaluated; $75 per page (or by agreed project total), minimum of 3 pages.

Custom Domain Names: ie..... http.//

  • $95 setup fee...We can make all arrangements for your custom domain name registration and setting up an ISP account to host your web site.
  • $10-$70 registration fee for your Custom domain name, paid to InterNIC (Network Solutions) which maintains the global domain registry.
  • Monthly server rental: paid by your company directly to the services of your choice.


  • We can set up a shopping cart on your web site. You have several ecommerce options, which vary rather considerably in price. The best one for your firm will depend on your requirements and your budget. Check our electronic commerce page for a more detailed discussion of the options available. electronic commerce page for a more detailed discussion of the options available.

On-Site Consultation:

  • $175 per hour plus expenses...if requested to come to your place of business for staff training, for on-site work, or for group seminars concerning your web presence. group seminars concerning your web presence.

Registration with the major search engines;
Uploading of site to your directory; Beta testing:

  • $75 per hour or
  • $175 per Month

Hosting at Monsters: Starts at $10 a month.

SAMPLE WEB SITE PRICING: California Baby Cucs wants a Monsters designed web site requiring a total of 16 graphics (5-8 pages), with informative text and a custom form, to be uploaded to their own server:

  • $550 basic site homepage (Includes 4 images) with additional pages:
  • $400 one page with 4 images, and
  • $400 one page with 4 images, and
  • $375 one page with 3 images, and
  • $350 one page with 2 images, and
  • $100 strategic site planning
  • $100 one custom form; and
  • $50 uploading to ISP; submittal to top 20 search engines; beta testing.

    $2325 TOTAL COST

The previous are simply sample costs.

Please keep in mind, a custom professional Monsters developed and designed website starts at $3000.00. This includes search engine optimized pages, as well as a website that is built for compatibility to the many different web platforms and website browsers of today, a carefully thought out (web architect) data analytics plan paying specific attention to your 'call to action' as well as an aesthetically pleasing website shell that supports your name brand and your quality of your company's outlook to the world wide web users of your website.


  • 50% in advance
  • Balance due upon completion.


  • Visa Mastercard Discover American Express
  • Checks/ Phone Checks

Email ( or call us today ((805) 568-1441) to help you identify, clarify, and realize your online business goals. After talking with you and outlining a basic strategic plan for your web site, we'll provide a general cost estimate for your approval.

Posted Tuesday, March 15, 2016

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