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Private Website Hosting for Success

What can website hosting do for your business?

Choosing a web hosting provider is like choosing an office building to work in. When used properly, your web site becomes the most productive employee of your company. Allowing you to store information and share data with your company or your clients wherever they might be.

Your website allows your prospective clients to review your services or conduct business through your website in real-time, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Thus leveraging your time and expanding the reach of your market through automation.

Why use Monsters Smart website hosting?

Our website hosting systems are state of the art. We have reliable service. Our customers stay with us year after year.

We offer hosting with all the best options and features. We make it easy for you to make changes, and new additions to your website as your company expands using. We allow you to spend your time working , not worrying about your website.

Leave a lasting impression, use Monsters website hosting for your business.

Standard Professional E-Commerce
order now order now order now
Setup Fee: $0.00 $30.00 $60.00

No setup fees are currently being completely applied to any shared server hosting packages.

Monthly Rate: $20 $30 $60

Remember when placing your order you will have options of recurring payment frequency. You may choose to pay month-to-month, quarterly, bi-annual, annual, or every 2 years. Periodically we will have promotions allowing increased discounts depending on the amount pre-paid. Discount rates (if available) are automatically displayed during the order process.

Disk Space Storage: 100 MB 500 MB 750 MB

The total disk space storage, listed in megabytes, includes all web site files, email and log files. Clients requiring more space can simply add-on storage as needed.

Please be advised, we do not cut you off, instead we send you an email to notify you that you have exceeded your quota.

Network Transfer: 10 GB 15 GB 30 GB

Any outward-bound traffic from your Web site is considered data transfer. For example, each time an HTML file, image, or other element on your Web page is loaded, data transfer is generated.

We don't cut you off, instead we send you a brief notification email letting you know you've exceeded your quota; a representative will contact you to determine if you need any add-ons for your account. Monsters does not retroactively tax or penalize site owners for exceeding their network transfer.

Dedicated IP Address: No No Yes

Your new hosting service will have an IP address that is shared amongst your domains or a fixed number of clients. You will still be able to access your site at all times; e.g. pre-setup testing, troubleshooting, etc. IPs are of course available for correct SSL hosting. Many other providers do not offer this feature (because they are a reseller or they do not have their own IP space) or they charge extra for this feature.

Additional IPs can be requested for any account obviously providing a rock-solid purpose.

Database: 0 1 1


SQL is the Monsters database of choice in use for its data driven technology on the web today. It offers complex rich maintenance, rich data types, robust operation and extremely fast query capabilities. Additionally, it is integrated very tightly with scripting language such as ASP and Visual Basic, simplifying the process of creating dynamic web sites. MyAdmin is pre-installed so that your SQL administration is fast and easy.

Email Addresses: 1 2 4


Posted Monday, September 5, 2011

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