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In 1995 Monsters Studios was founded with the mission of hiring smart people and allowing them to operate to the best of their capacity. Over those 16 years Monsters Studios has continued this mission to provide interactive video programming services with a level of integrity and commitment to our clients that we place before all else. We understand that most companies have extremely low expectations for custom programming projects. It is our belief that no company should have to settle for projects that will likely never be finished anywhere near the projected time or budget. To that end, we have created a unique business model designed to guarantee a project free of surprises and reflects the integrity with which all of our divisions operate. We achieve those goals primarily through these means:

Fixed-Bid Projects: Monsters provides every service at a price that is established prior to the start of the project. The engagement is broken down into milestones, with each milestone providing a tangible deliverable. The milestones historically involve the receipt of deliverables or code that is verifiably functional and correct. Upon the client's acceptance of the deliverable, the progress payment for the pre-agreed price for its milestone becomes due. We feel this approach is the only way to ensure that the client is not at risk for cost overruns. Also, as we do not receive payment until the milestone is completed fully, we are clearly incented to ensure that milestone delivery is concluded as quickly as practicably possible. Project management services are built into all Monsters engagements and is one of our primary keys to successful delivery.

Guaranteed Bug Free Code:> All Monsters Software code is guaranteed bug free code for the full life cycle of the product (usually about 3 years). As an organization we constantly are amazed at what has managed to pass for acceptable in the software industry. The illustration to which we frequently refer is a hypothetical situation of an automotive manufacturer producing a car that refuses to start every hundred or so times. In all likelihood, that manufacturer would immediately issue a voluntary recall or face massive lawsuits. However, the software industry seems to respond by effectively telling the customer that it is just a limitation of that year's model and they should get next year's model instead. We at Monsters cannot understand how anybody could find that response acceptable. Monsters does not not undertake any project unless we can guarantee that it is done right the first time.

Products Designed For Your Business: Every technical employee of Monsters was required to have over four years prior industry experience in his or her field to be eligible to apply. From the onset, we view each engagement as an expression of the client's desire to build a tool that will increase the productivity of its employees or help leverage its business model. We pride ourselves on being able to rise above the technical task to view its impact on your company. We view each and every project on a case-by-case basis, confirming that every task we provide will provide real benefit for the client at its conclusion. We will not allow ourselves to venture into providing services that we have a genuine reason to believe will not be likely to help the client in the long run.

The Right Tool For The Job: Monsters Employees are capable of utilizing many different programming languages. We understand the strengths and weaknesses of each, and will advise on the selection of the right tool for your job. We are also well versed in many other languages that, although we do not feel they are a practical choice for most companies, frequently provide the tools necessary to execute an effective migration.

Being Outside The Programming Bubble: Monsters Employees regularly work together with the employees of the other Monsters divisions. Our developers are frequently informed and trained on the current challenges faced by their counterparts in our other divisions. Like all Monsters employees, they are trained outside of their core responsibilities and are well versed in the complexities of Enterprise Networking such as Wide Area Networking, Systems Design, Security, End User and Administrator Support. This ensures that our developers create software that is efficient and properly constructed, freeing the client from over purchasing the infrastructure with which the software will operate.

Providing Portable Solutions: All Monsters development includes properly commented code in addition to accurate technical documentation. We believe that, although not directly critical to the functionality of the software, these items free the client from the developer and allow the client the peace of mind that a change in the development staff should not require the expense of having the new developers relearn the system. We feel that this measure, in addition to reducing expenses in the event of a functionality upgrade, helps further extend the sense of comfort and freedom in our clients who are undertaking these projects.

If you find yourself in need of custom programming services, we invite you to contact us here. We also invite you explore the other services we provide by clicking on the toolbar above.

Posted Monday, September 5, 2011

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